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   Since the beginning of the Great American Experiment, the US Flag has been at the forefront of every American event. “Old Glory” or the “Stars and Stripes” has been the inspiration of every American generation. The War of Independence, the War of 1812 and every American conflict, every public event and high school graduation has been honored by its presence.
   The Betsy Ross Flag was the first recognized US Flag. It commemorated the original thirteen colonies. The War of 1812 gave us the Star Spangled Banner Flag and we have been adding a new star for every new state   since.
   Through 1795, the US Flag had 13 stars. By 1900 we were up to 45 stars. When the United States enter the “War to End all Wars” in 1918 and then World War II the US Flag displayed 48 stars. Today we are going strong with 50 stars representing all 50 states. can supply a US Flag for every American era, from the Betsy Ross Flag and Star Spangled Banner through the addition of every state - to the current 50 star flag. You can view every star pattern and the years of service on our Historical Flag page.
   US Flags
are not just a sign of your national pride in the USA but they can also add to the character of your home – and your neighborhood. If you have a historic home, inn or bed and breakfast, you can accurately display the US Flag of your home’s era. If you’re not sure, every architectural style looks great with a Betsy Ross Flag.
   If it’s time to buy a US flag, a replacement US Flag or buy gift for a friend, order your Historic US Flag today from We also carry Nautical Flags and “Open” Flags, Historic Documents and Star Pattern Address Labels.


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