Constitution of the United States 1787

The Constitution of the United States on one sheet for easy framing and display.  This expertly antiqued replica also contains explanatory remarks enjoyed by anyone interested in or curious about U.S. History.

Item: 537  size 12.5" x 19"  @$ 3.95

Item: 200:  FOUR PAGE Constitution set on original 4 sheets.                  @ $8.95          

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History of Famous American Flags

"Don't give up the ship" This document features 16 images, names and explanations of various flags used throughout U.S. history, from pre-Revolution to the current stars and stripes.

Item: 556   Size 14" x 16"   @ $3.95

Item: 556P Size 23" x 29"   @ $5.95

Made in USA

PLEASE NOTE:  Sets of documents are shipped flat in a 11" x 14" envelope. Documents will have a soft fold.


Reproductions of Historic American Documents +

Lincoln's Gettysburg Address 1863

An exact replica of Lincoln's famous Gettysburg address, in the former president's handwriting.

Item: 569 size: 11"x 14" @  $3.95

Declaration of Independence

An exact replica of the original Declaration of Independence. Inspired and written by the founding fathers, the parchment is antiqued to have the same color and appearance as the document currently stored in the National Archives

Item: 544   Size: 14" x 16"  @ $3.95​​

Item: 544P Size: 23" x 29"  @ $5.95

Printed in the USA on antiqued parchment. 

Suitable for framing. Great for display in your office or home. A unique gift for any history buff.  Also available as a promotional item. Ask us about quantity pricing. Sizes as noted below. Please note: ALL documents are shipped Rolled in a tube unless noted. historic american documents

Three Documents of Freedom Set

1. Declaration of Independence

2. Constitution of of US ( 4 pages)

3. Bill of Rights

​Item: 901 (6 pages)   @ $9.95 Historic American Documents